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            WelcomeVisitsGermany norges construction hardware co. LTD

            Germany norges construction hardware co. LTD

            ABOUT US

            Germany norges construction hardware co. LTD - as building door and window hardware experts, not only with its innovative technology and excellent quality, with its thoughtful service to become a leader in the hardware industry building doors and windows. Our company specializes in designing, producing and selling building windows and doors hardware (for example: flat open and hung windows, flat windows, flat doors, hanging windows, sliding windows, sliding doors, etc.), and is dedicated to building.


            Take quality as life and customer as guide

            Professional custom design
            Thoughtful after-sale service
            10 year warranty
            15 years' experience in production and export


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            China's hardware industry has maintained a rapid development trend since the 90s of last century

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            To serve thousands of families and promote social harmony